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Stand Firm

Dear Precious Friends,
On this TGIF Friday, this gift of a new day,
May we stand firm in our Faith and Have great assurance... knowing that We pray according to His will and Faith ignites the power of the Holy Spirit!
Faith is simply the bringing of our minds into accord with the truth. It is adjusting our expectations to the promises of God in complete assurance that the God of the whole earth cannot lie.
Faith: Forsaking All I Trust Him!!
Assurance!!!! I love that word!!
A living faith in God's Word and the confident hope in His promises are two graces that embrace each other in love - at the foot of the Cross. This is not a fingers-crossed and-hope-it-happens' type of faith. This is the faith that accepts without question that the Word of God is entirely dependable and is an indisputable fact.
This is the faith that unquestioningly takes God at His Word, knowing that all He has promised to us in Christ is more secure than the rising of the morning sun and more certain than the daily passage of time.
It is the firm persuasion, unshakable confidence, and indisputable expectation, that all God has said, in and through His WORD, is established forever and does not take refuge in the a 'maybe' or a 'perhaps'.
As believers, we are empowered by the Holy Spirit.
We thirst for Him and accept the promise of God and Know His promises are yes and amen and so much more than we think or imagine!
God's Word is true whether we believe it or not. Human unbelief cannot alter the character of God.
He is who He says He is!
So God is what He is in Himself. He does not become what we believe. "I AM That I AM." We are on safe ground only when we know what kind of God He is and adjust our entire being to the Holy truth..
Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see. This is what the greatest were commended for.
Hebrews 11:1-2
Faith is trusting God and what He has promised even when we cannot see and may not experience the fulfillment of those promises according to our personal calendar.
Father, my faith finds its resting place in You, in Your truth.
May it come alive as we magnify you through the power of the Holy Spirit.
Now who will join me in walking by Faith not by sight in the one who gave us His life so we can live the abundant life He so graciously gives!
May be an image of text that says 'Haith IS NOT BELIEVING THAT GOD CAN, IT'S KNOWING THAT God will.'
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