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Holy Spirit

Good Morning Precious Friends,
As we embrace the gift of a new day I pray we seek Him first above all else.
Life is full of distractions and often times minutes get away from us and hours disappear and before we know it the day is gone. I pray today and every day we seek Him FIRST.... immediately upon waking...
He is our first thought as we ask Him through the Holy Spirit to lead our day.
When we take in His word, spend time with Him, we feel His presence with us.
Please help us to slow down and see one another and
care for those right in front of us who have great needs. I pray we can absorb all that He is doing in our lives moment by moment Through the indwelling of the Holy Spirit.
As we seek Him first with All our hearts, His word reminds us that we find Him.
May his presence with us today fill our hearts with joy unspeakable so when people see us they see Him and want what we have, the greatest gift of love that we only want to share with all we come in contact with...
And that my friends is a day well lived. Amen!
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