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Joy Filled Saturday

Dear Precious Friends,
This touched my heart so deeply that I wanted to share it with you and I want you to have this prayer written down so you can take this in. What a beautiful way to pray for your Saturday.
Forgive me Father for not thank you enough for all you do, for all You are, for all you have given. I come to You on bended knees. Thank You Jesus for Your sacrifice for Your love and guidance in showing me the truth so I can be with you eternally. How great Thou art! I am a sinner, I know I fall short, I am so grateful that You love me unconditionally. My heart is filled with gratefulness. For the joy and blessings of my family. For the gift of this life, for the opportunity to see your creations daily. Father, I ask that You nudge me daily to remind me to come to You with a heart of thanksgiving. I want to praise You in all of my life's circumstances, I want to accept them, good and bad with a thankful heart, knowing that I can trust You and You will take care of me. Sometimes I get so discouraged, I struggle to keep the tears from falling, but sill I rejoice that you are near, You know my next step and you will carry me through. Your goodness and love are everlasting. Your faithfulness and giving are unsurpassed. I believe you have entrusted me with the life. You created it and know what is ahead. I thank you for never leaving my side. Sometimes I get down in life Father, and it is hard for me to see what I am thankful for. My eyes are open today, O Lord. How powerful and majestic is your name. Thank You for bringing me out of the darkness. For lighting my path and saving my soul. I want to bring a smile to Your face today. I will give you glory and praise. Your name most high. Thank you for what is ahead of me, I know you have great plans for me.
Have a joy filled Saturday!
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