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God's Truth

Dear Precious Friends,
I love God's truth. So many times in the Bible there are analogies of what God is like so we can understand who He is in our life. The Lord is my Shepherd...He will never fail us... we shall not fear, we shall not lack anything...

I love Psalm 23 and am in awe of all the incredible truths.
Our Pastor has been doing a devotional reminder on this and it
has really reminded me of all the Shepherd is and does...
Because the Lord is our shepherd, We do not lack anything. He satisfies our needs. This is the place where God wants to bring us. He wants us to be independently dependent on HIm... There are really only two options in life. If the Lord is my shepherd, then I shall not want; but if I am in want, then it is obvious that the Lord is not my shepherd. It is that simple. If emptiness, loneliness, despair, and frustration exist in our lives, then the Lord is not our shepherd. Or if anyone or anything else is shepherding us, we are never satisfied. If our vocation shepherds us, then there is restlessness and feverish activity and frustration. If education is our shepherd, then we are constantly being disillusioned. If another person is our shepherd, we are always disappointed, and ultimately we are left empty.

The Lord is my shepherd:

... He protects, directs, corrects , instructs and provides...
By God's grace, the Shepherd does all we need!!.The Lord, God is my Shepherd, I shall not lack anything!!
God is the source of all we are!!!! In our day and age it's so easy to forget this truth!!! ... Sheep completely trust and rely on the Shepherd...
Psalm 23 has a vivid reminder
The Lord is our shepherd... and as our shepherd.. we should not lack anything... Whatever threatens us, whatever we feel is lacking
He will protect, direct, correct and instruct us in the ways He should go..
We are walking with God and we see how amazing and rich His love is... When we feel lonely and under pressure with the demands of life... we must turn to Him and remember this truth!

Rely, depend, trust the Lord... We will never lack anything.. There is peace that comes from understanding... There is great joy that comes in our heart.. when we feel no hope, there is incredible depth and comfort even when we don't know what's around us..
Trust the Lord.. allow him to be the Good Shepherd.. We must not go anywhere without Him!!

When He leads us... He fully protects, corrects, instructs, provides and directs...
Let's take every fear, obstacle and surrender it to Him...


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