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Give Thanks

Dear Precious Friends,
Good morning and God bless you. I love this reminder and think about the incredible truth of the Lord and His example.
There are so many examples in the Bible of those who continued to pray and give thanks to God despite difficult circumstances. It seems so easy to praise God when times and seasons are good, but we have the responsibility to praise Him when things are not going our way. How can we praise God in these hard times of loss, difficulty, health issues, Covid, Job loss, suffering, ?

God has given us a spirit of heaven and the garment of praise despite our situation. Unfortunately, We look at our circumstance and not our God.

Praise is a garment that has to be worn at all times. Praise is something we need to wrap ourselves in. How? We have to meditate on Gods word, His truth and be wrapped in the praise of the living God.
Worship music always helps me praise God even more. Singing His word, His truth to Him is such a great way to live in praise!.

When a difficult situation arises remember to immediately praise God and think of how He set us free. Remember God and who He is! Immediately Acknowledge what we know to be true from His word.

Remember God is who he says He is... praise Him for who He is and not what you see...In the midst of things that are going wrong He instructs us to give thanks.

1 Thes 18: In everything give thanks for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus.

He doesn't say give thanks for everything, he says give thanks IN everything. WOW... He is saying when things go wrong, give thanks.. not for what went wrong, in the midst of it give thanks. I will rejoice in the God of my salvation, I will walk in High Places and give thanks In my circumstance. I am not going to praise Him for my situation but in my situation because I am not alone, He is with me. He enters our circumstances with His power.

Here is a great song to remind us of the power of
praise and His power.

Meditate on this song!!!


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