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Fix Your Eyes

Dear Precious Friends,
It's Terrific Tuesday and a gift from God to have another beautiful day. I love the reminder from Hebrews 12:1-2 that our race marked before us is not easy and we will encounter storms and trials... It is so hard to persevere when we feel physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually exhausted and sometimes our energy is so drained we don't even try... However, we are to look to the Lord and remember He is working on our behalf...even when we don't see it!!! He will use this time to perfect our faith if we keep our eyes on Him and trust Him fully!!!

We are to fix our eyes on Him and not the problem. OF course I love the Walk on Water scripture in the bible and the reminder where we focus is where we go! When we focus on the problems, we don't see the Lord!!! We must remember and be reminded through spending time with Him in His word and prayer that He will pull us out of this storm! Of course He never promised it would be easy... We remember how scared the disciples were in the midst of the storm and all they could see was the storm...

The storms aren't always just for us... The journey and the lessons shape us and give us our testimony... We need each other my friends.. we are all going through different storms and we know the Lord is with us, however, isolation has been so tough and is an opportunity for Satan to have a field day with our emotions when we aren't grounded in Scripture and the Lord!!

I remember our adopted dog Gucci ran from us when we first adopted Him.. he was so anxious and had to walk through his own storms... He was so nervous and unsettled.. It broke our hearts that he couldn't trust us and see the blessings and love we had to give him....
It took time for him to trust and now he keeps his eyes fixed on me when he is stressed..

My Friends, it is so apparent we must do the same with God in the midst of our storms... He is there, He has never left... He wants us to trust Him.. He is our refuge and strength, out help in trouble. No matter how the circumstances may seem, He is on our side... It only requires we step out in faith, keep our eyes on Him... and He is carrying us through this time.


Song of Reflection: https://www.youtube.com/playlist…

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