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Fierce Warrior

Dear Precious Friends,
It's time for a fierce faith. Nothing is too hard for the Lord. We are to remain gentle in spirit and face our challenges with a fierce faith.
When the promises of God seem powerless to quiet our fears, soothe our grief, lift our worries, or motivate our obedience, we need to do more than simply hear his promises again. We need to behold the God who gives them.
He never gives up because the problem is too great. He hears every single prayer and reminds us that nothing is too hard for Him. Let's not measure the height of the mountain... Let's not tell God how big this storm is... We must tell the storm how big our God is. We are to magnify the Lord and exalt his name together. We gain nothing by meditating on this mess and we have to focus more on His ability to solve the problems. Let truth prevail.. Demons flee at the sound of His name. Angels sing Holy Holy Holy since creation. Let's continue to trust the Lord and His strength to give us all we need to face what is happening. WE know God works all things for good to those who love Him.. WE KNOW THIS.. There is so much we don't know.. but this we do know... SO Let's continue to pray without ceasing... lets continue to remember that God works. He's busy behind the scenes, he is busy above the frey. We know God works and is ceaseless and never stops working for our good. Let's continue to pray, represent Him well, ask that truth we revealed and remember He will work all things for good to those who love Him. God works not through a few things, but in all things...
To those who seek Him and His will He works all things for good. We are in His hands and He loves us so much. He is able to handle any problems that come our way... God is Bigger than what is going on. Continue to pray and trust in Him with ALL YOUR HEARTS.. . Our God is bigger, and His promises to us are stronger and surer. So, let's look up from our problems. Listen again to God’s powerful, wise, and tender voice. Pray without ceasing and continue to ask that TRUTH prevails.
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