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War Room

Dear Precious Friends,
On this magnificent Monday I pray you are embracing the gift of this day and living with gratitude remember these truths. Praying God's word over our lives is the most powerful way to pray:
Dear Precious Heavenly Abba Father,
Thank you that we are loved and we are loved so much you would send your only son to pay the price for our sins that through our believing and receiving the gift of Jesus in our hearts and making Him Lord of our lives, we have eternal life with you. That we are forgiven through this incredible gift of the cross. That you have chosen us as yours... That you have given us your word as our Lamp to our feet and light to our path.. your absolute truth. We thank you that we can armor up and win against the schemes of the Devil, that your Holy Spirit intercedes for us. We know that Greater are you than any schemes of the enemy, that you are our help, that gratitude and praise silences all the plans of the enemy and that you are working all things together for our good.
We love you, we praise you, we thank you and ask for your incredible blessing over us as we go out into the world knowing and holding these truths in our hearts and mostly holding the precious gift of you in our hearts. May we reflect these truths in all we are today as we go out into the world and and may all we come in contact with that don't know you want the incredible gift we have in you.
We love you.
May be an image of text that says 'IN YOUR WAR ROOM 10 Trulhs lo Remember 1. am loved. John 3 16 2. am forgiven. Matthew 3. am chosen. Peter 29 4. God's Word is a lamp to my feet. Psalm 119 105 5. We've been given armor. Ephesians 10- 18 6. The Holy Spirit intercedes for me. Romans 7. He who is in me is greater than he who is in the world. 1 John 44 8. The Lord is my help. Psalm 121 Praise silences the enemy. Psalm 8:1-3 10. God is working it all out for my good. Romans 8:28'
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