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Valentine's Day 2021

Dear Precious Friends,
Happy Valentines Day!!! Our Ultimate gift of Love is our Lord & Savior.
Here are seven aspects to this wonderful Ultimate Gift that we can receive and share with others.
1. He was welcomed by the shepherds so that we could be welcomed by the angels.
2. He had a human birth, so that we may have a spiritual birth.
3. He occupied a stable so that we could occupy a mansion.
4. He had an earthly mother, so that we could have a Heavenly Father.
5. He became subject to human limitations, so that we could be set free from sin’s limitations.
6. He left His glory, so that we might share in His glory.
7. He came to where we were, so that we could go to where He is.
WOW. That is Love. Sacrificial Love. He gave all for us. Now while we are here during this very limited time on earth... what will we do with His gift of love.
Glory to God, we have been given the Ultimate Gift. Jesus Christ became everything that we were, so that we could become everything that He is.
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