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Turbulent Times

Dear Precious Friends,
It’s Thankful Thursday and no matter what we are facing there are many reasons to be thankful and grateful.
We are certainly in turbulent times.
I must admit it’s been challenging for me to respond to current circumstances by speaking truth in love without anger coming out. So I’m writing on this today
Because it’s what I need to hear and be held accountable to.
How do we respond to situations we feel are morally wrong? How can we be strong enough to make a difference when we feel like we stand alone?
First, strive to remember that there are others who feel just as you do.
Remember when Elijah complained about being the only one who didn’t bow his knee to Baal, God reminded him that there were 7,000 others just like him?
When someone voices opposition to wrongdoing, others will rally to the cause, looking for a leader to follow. I never cease to be amazed at the stories of ordinary people—often women who seem to have more grit than most men—who say, “Enough is enough!” and voice dissent to wrongdoing—no matter what it is.
When we are voicing support for moral and spiritual truths, we stand in the company of Godly men and women.
When Looking back over our lives and example after example in the Bible, when standing up for a moral cause and if losing the battle, we must remember Our cause is not in vain. Though it may appear things are going out of control, often God uses us to bring others into the fight that will ultimately prevail.
Let’s stand firm to the truth in Gods word and armor up.
And we find that Paul's closing words to the Corinthians, are designed to encourage Christians to watch, to be on the alert, to stand firm in the faith.. to act on our faith and to be strong. Paul is urging the believers at Corinth to be of one mind and to make sure that all that they say and all they do is done in love.
Every Christian should know the importance of watching and being alert, for we have many enemies that seek our downfall. We are surrounded with many false apostles, false prophets, false teachers, deceitful workers and doctrines of demons.
Like the Corinthians, we are also called to be brave and strong in our Christian walk. We are not to compromise our faith but to cling fast to that which is good and noble, right and pure - honourable, admirable and lovely. And we do this as we trust in the Lord with all our heart - for He is the Rock our Salvation and the Foundation upon which we stand. We are to be devoted to our brothers and sisters in Christ - for we are one Body in Him. Indeed we are members of His Body and united together in Him- not only in this life but in the ages to come.
I’m going to go through the fruits of the spirit one by one over the next week as I need deep introspection and time with the Lord on each one and want to share since we are in such turbulent times and are to walk in the spirit with the presence of God. It seems more difficult these days so I feel called by the Lord to go into each one so we can check ourselves for such a time as this!
Have a beautiful day standing firm in the faith.
Be bold, be strong in the Lord!
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