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Tough Times

Dear Precious Friends,

Happy TGIFF! (Thank God I’m Forgiven Friday! )
We have no electricity this morning so I’m a little delayed in my Reflection for today and writing this on my phone so bear with me.

We have certainly been in very tough times. I recently heard a study was just conducted about Emergency Rooms stating the number one cause of ER visits now is loneliness!!! People are so isolated and lonely!

Let’s reach out to someone today who is quarantined and needs to feel loved!

What do we do in the midst of these difficulties??!? Seek God first! I love starting my day with His absolute truth found in His word. Preparing my heart by taking in praise and worship music always helps the focus shift to who He is and what He has done especially Hillsong music! I find myself in the book Psalms a lot as we walk through these hard times.
How about you?
Gods word fills us and permeates our souls! What hope we have in Him!

When we seek Christ through His Word He fills us with great peace.

When God’s Word is the foundation for our thoughts, we’ll find that His love, sovereignty, and wisdom become our focus. And as our confidence in our Lord grows, we’ll find ourselves depending on Him more. Then difficulties won’t shake us as easily because His peace and joy will guard our heart and our minds.

I pray the wonder of Christ's love and the miracle of His redemption sweep us off our feet and ignite our faith! May we look away from our discouragements and look toward our Deliverer who truly makes all things new. May our heart of faith beat once again for the promises God has made to us. May we pick up the cause of faith and march forward knowing God has us, He's gone before us, and He's placed His hand of blessing upon our head (Psalm 139:5). Awaken to joy today! Embrace faith today! Pray like you have a God in heaven who hears you and moves when you pray...because you do! May you have a blessed and beautiful day despite the circumstances as we share our great hope we have with him
with others!!
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