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The Thief

Dear Precious Friends,
I've had such a heavy heart over the happenings of our world and praying, asking Lord... help us see the pain and suffering through your eyes and respond as you would. Our church had an amazing prayer service last night opening our eyes to how we as believers are to respond. Break my heart for what breaks yours Lord Jesus... our hearts are broken for all injustice period!!!

We have certainly been through a tough season and it seems to continue. God’s goodness cannot be defined by our good or bad seasons.If I’ve learned anything about hard seasons, it’s that they can make you feel like life has been completely drained out of you.

Specifically in John 10:10,“The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy. I came that they may have life and have it abundantly.” —John 10:10
We have the contrast of a thief and a good shepherd. The thief in this passage has a goal: that is to steal something and to cause harm and destruction to his victim. The thief is like the wolf in verse 12 who comes to scatter the sheep and separate or divide them from the safety of the pen. The wolf also comes to snatch the sheep away or to kill for his own pleasure. Unlike the Good Shepherd who protects, leads, watches over, and will even lay down His life for His sheep.

Jesus wants us to clearly see the contrast here. The thief, our enemy – Satan, comes with a purpose and plan for our lives and that is to steal, kill and destroy us. The Good Shepherd, our Savior – Jesus, also has a purpose.
John 10 is a passage filled with a picture and promise of who God is to us in the good and the bad. The picture is one of a Shepherd watching over His sheep; the promise is that He is a protector and promoter of abundant life.

The Good Shepherd, our Savior – Jesus, has a purpose and a plan for our lives. He wants to give us life, abundant life.

What do we do when times get tough, when discouragement sets in, when pain and suffering seem to be our new normal? We turn to our Shepherd, we dismiss Satan's assignments... we focus on the attributes of God and remember who He is and what He has done. His faithfulness overcomes all fearfulness. He is our waymaker, miracle worker, promise keeper, light in the darkness....

We can live in this amazing abundant love and life!!!

Let's be faithful to share His love with all we come in contact with. Before posting on social media, pray, let's promote peace and represent the Lord in all we are and do.

Sending love to all of you on this Saturday knowing the Good Shepherd has us in the palm of His hand.


Song of Reflection: https://youtu.be/BfdOP8139i4

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