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Such A Time

Dear Precious Friends,
On this beautiful new day, this gift from God, we are winding down the Christmas season and turn towards the New Year, we reflect on what God has done and allow Him to prepare us for what's to come. We know the greatest gift we have ever received is Jesus' birth, the word became flesh and dwelt among us, and His death on the cross for each one of us.
There is no greater love than this. A new year marks a fresh opportunity to center our lives around the goodness of God. I pray that as we begin looking toward what is to come we make space to gain God’s perspective, ground our hopes and pursuits on His grace, and celebrate all that God has done and is doing. “Who shall separate us from the love of Christ? Shall trouble or hardship or persecution of famine or nakedness or danger or sword?. . . No, in all these things we are more than conquerors through Him who loved us.”
Romans 8:35,37
In all things we are more than conquerors.. WOW. That is a big statement. Where is the foundation for such a claim? How can we be sure that we are victorious in all situations? Why? Because of the love of Christ that lives in you and because He was victorious over all things. Because He lives we live too. Because He loves us, we are loved. Because He defeated all things on the cross, we also live in victory. He is our God and we are on the winning side.
Yet what does it mean to be more than a conqueror? Does it mean that we never face persecution, famine, trouble, hardship, or danger ? No, not at all. Paul himself, who wrote this text, said that he always felt in danger for his life; He constantly faced persecution and hardship. However, what he was trying to say is that, there is nothing in the world that is able to tear us away from the love that God has for us. It is because of this that we can find victory, even when we think defeat is before us; We can persevere until the end. We live in the resurrection power of Jesus which means we don’t have to stay beaten down, but can rise in the authority of the cross. We live as warriors for Christ, armed with the might of His power and equipped with His love to persevere!
If God is for us who can be against us? Just Wow my friends!!! More than conquerors through Him who loves us...
He knew we would be here for such a time as this.
May we live in the resurrection power He has given us, never forgetting His promises are yes and amen and claiming each one.
Lord, help us to see past my current troubles to my victory later. Help us to face all our daily struggles in light of eternity. Lead us as we meet each trial and hardship. Strengthen us when we feel we can't go on. Remind us of all the ways You have delivered us in the past, so we can face our present distress in light of Your many rescues. Use us each day and in every way to make a difference in the world and to bring glory to Your name. In Jesus' Name, Amen.
Source: Holy Spirit, God's word, Daily devo.
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