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Seek My Face

Dear Precious Friends,
It's Fill our Soul Sunday. The Lord is saying to you and me, “Seek my face” (Psalm 27:8). Upon waking our first thought is the Lord... Our first action is Father I seek you with all my heart... Let me walk in Spirit and Truth. Fill me with your word and your ways.... we need to reply as David by saying, “My heart says to you, ‘Your face, Lord, do I seek'” (Psalm 27:8). All that stands between us and a radical life transformation is turning away from the cares and pursuits of the world and giving our hearts to our heavenly Father.
Why is this so important?. We are either walking in the flesh or in the spirit... The one we feed wins!!! Are we feeding our spirit the truth of God's word or worldly pursuits? That is why we must armor up each and every day as Ephesians 6 reminds us!!!
We have a daily opportunity to live in total communion with our Creator, receiving and giving love in everything we do. Jesus paid the ultimate price for you and me to live with the tangible knowledge of God’s love for us. We also have the opportunity every day to live marginal lives where we experience and commune with God part of the time and live for the fleeting and unsatisfying ways of the world. The choice is ours today.
Let us passionately pursue our relationship with Jesus, and not allow the ways of this world to crowd out parts of our life like weeds blocking us from the refreshing, life-giving presence of the living God.
This is such a beautiful blessing I must share:
May the Holy Spirit infuse you today with energy and strength! May He empower you to walk courageously through your trials. May He endear you to those in authority over you. And may He impress upon your heart those He's given you to love. May you walk so intimately with Jesus that you become a source of great wisdom and perspective for others. May the healing you’ve received from Him flow through you to those who now struggle the way you once struggled. May they greatly benefit from the battles you’ve faced and the victories you’ve won. May God’s promises come alive to you in a way that fuels your steps and energizes your faith. You're His ambassador, anointed for His purposes, and empowered by His strength. All of heaven is on your side. Let that amazing truth put a spring in your step today! Have a great day! #SusieLarsonBlessings
Sending you hugs, love and joy no matter what you are walking through.
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