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Seek Me First

Dear Precious Friends,
On this glorious new day, this gift from God, I pray you woke up seeking the Lord first.
It is in seeking God that we actually find Him. He is our first thought, our reason for waking, our everything. He is our most important relationship and when we deliberately move our hearts toward Him with the desire to know Him, it leads us into far more than we would find in just seeking a simple answer to a perceived need-- we will find that God IS all we need.
The very presence of of Lord in our life is far more valuable than any worldly possession.
I love the way The Message phrases Matthew 6:33, “Steep your life in God-reality, God-initiative, God-provisions. Don’t worry about missing out. You’ll find all your everyday human concerns will be met.”
What does steep mean?
It means to take in. To soak up.... Wow... to take time in His presence, to take in His word and let Him speak to us.
How do you and I seek first God’s kingdom? How do we position ourselves to receive God’s promised, perfect provision? Only by steeping ourselves in His reality, His pursuit of us and His provision for us. Only in soaking in the truth of God’s word and the reality of His nearness will we be empowered to seek first that which is unseen, the very kingdom of our heavenly Father.
THE MESSAGE version of Matthew reminds us:
In God’s love for me and my belief of that love, I found the courage I need to turn away from the world and enjoy the will of my Father. In experiencing the depths of God’s mercy and grace I find surrender to be an immediately life-giving act that lifts off the weights of this world and yokes me to the perfect power and leadership of Jesus (Matthew 11:30).
Our heavenly Father says, “Seek me first.” God knows how we are made. He created our inner most being. He knows that only in true, unhindered communion with Him will we live as He designed us. We weren’t made to do life alone. And we sure weren’t made to pursue the things of this world in His place. To seek Him first is to find our purpose, the very source of life.
Source: God's word, Holy Spirit, First 15
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