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Pentecost Sunday

Good Soul Fill Sunday, Pentecost (Harvest) Sunday my Precious Friends,

We are certainly in unsettling times. We know with God there are no coincidences... He knew on this Pentecost Sunday we would be in the midst of a Pandemic, Riots and unsettling times...

Today is such a special day and reminder of the power of the Holy Spirit that comes upon us... We have this power in us as believers!!!

When the day of Pentecost came (50 days after Passover
Jesus was crucified at Passover time and he ascended 40 days after his resurrection.)... The Holy Spirit came 50 days after the resurrection.. 10 days after the ascension... the power of the Holy Spirit came upon them.... God made his presence known to this group of believers in a spectacular way.. violent wind, fire and the Holy Spirit...

These unschooled men and women from many nations were able to speak in languages and understand each other...
Jesus tells His followers.. don't be afraid ... the spirit of the father will speak through you...

The promise Jesus gave to His followers... is the same promise He gives us!!!
"When the power of the Holy Spirit comes upon you , you will be able to testify about me to great affect. Acts 1:8

Still today, God empowers us with spiritual gifts to do the work of ministry: preaching, teaching, prophetic gifts, healing, helps, administration, giving and many more.
Let's pray that these days of Pandemic, Riots, uncertainty would lead to a time of REVIVal..

Jesus shows over and over again in God's word how He protects, Provides, Restores, Defends and Guides us.

He is our divine power! No matter what we are facing!
Nehemiah 4:20 our God will fight for us
Lay claim to this great claim.. this battle belongs to the Lord!!!
.. we must remind ourselves
He is our divine power, He’s the same for us. God has called us all to full time ministry no matter what He has called us to do! God will use us in so many ways... We must be tender to His voice and know how to take care of His sheep...

What limitations do we think we have in our life… we don’t!! Let’s be bold in the Lord!
The power of the Holy Spirit knows no bound.!!!

What limitations do we have in our life… we don’t!!

God will use us to share His truth... He may prompt us to speak to others... He will commission us to go all over the world.. or use us right where we are! He loves all of us so much He died for us and gave us this amazing gift!!!
Here is our song of reflection:


Father God thank you for pouring your spirit out into the nation. Let your spirit move the unbelievers and the believer alike, into a closer intimacy relationship with you. Let everyone that reads this prayer, including me never draw away from you. From this day on through the prophecy of this beautiful song lord God let your spirit move in our lives until we see you face to face. We welcome your presence...

Sing this song and have joy my friends!! We can know His Presence in us!!!


Franklin Graham is asking us to pray today... all of us.
Here is the Link. Let's use the power of the Holy Spirit
to come together in prayer.


Have an amazing Pentecost Sunday knowing how loved you are, knowing the power in each of us is greater than anything coming against us. Let's be baptized in the Holy Spirit and never turn back!!!

Love you all so much!!!

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