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No Scars In Heaven

Dear Precious Friends,
This is the day the Lord has made, we are rejoicing and glad in it. As we embrace the gift of this day, we ask the Lord to remind us of the gift of time, that we spend ours wisely growing in wisdom through our Lord. Thank you once again for your love and support. It has shown us God's great love through each of you. I always pray before I post and yes, I share what I need to hear every day. I absolutely love this.
Every day no matter what we are facing and how we feel, as Kings Kids we must remember what Jesus did on the cross for us out of His great love for us. We are His children that He created and loves so much He sent His only son to pay the price for our sin... He lived the life that we should live, He died the death we deserve and on the 3rd day rose again. There is a new song by casting crowns that I will share with you that has touched my heart greatly. Here are some of the words:
"I love knowing that the only scars in heaven won't belong to me and you... there will be no such thing as broken and all the old will be made new. Knowing our difficulties have been won for us through Jesus and the only scars in heaven are in the hands that will hold us now.“
We have an adversary, the Devil who wants to rob, steal and destroy us and our joy.... Remember Jesus' reply in the quote and picture I posted with this Devo:
Me" This is hard God... I'm tired, I want to give up"
satan to Jesus "She won't make it".
Jesus to satan:" I've got 3 nails and a crown of thorns that says she will"
May these words encourage you no matter what you are walking through:
* Yes, even in the silence and solitude, I AM there. Even when there is no expectation, I AM there. Even when there are no words, I AM. Sometimes there are no words. There is nothing to say, so just be. When you run out of words, just be. It’s OK. I AM there with you. I AM watching you. I have MY eye upon you. I see you. I see your heart. In your solitude, you are not alone. I AM the warmth in the sunlight that shines upon your face. I AM the cool in the breeze that blows across the lake. I AM the very Solitude that you came seeking. Do not be uncomfortable with the silence as it is the essence of Who I AM. Hear ME speaking to you within the silence. Embrace this silence and you will know ME. I already know you, MY child; MY creation. For you are precious to ME and I love you. I know what I AM doing. I know where you are and I know where I AM taking you. Do not be afraid, even if you do not see what I AM doing.”
This is something the Lord impressed upon me a few years ago. I still find a lot of comfort in it.
Be encouraged fellow sojourners; our Father is always present, regardless of our feelings."
He went to the cross to pay the price. That is love, oh my friends, let us walk in this power today and every day!
* Mark Ahrens
May be an image of text that says 'Me: "This is hard, God. I'm tired. want to give up." The enemy to Jesus: "She won 't make it." Jesus to the enemy: "I've got 3 nails and a crown of thorns that says she will."'
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