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God's Word Is Alive

Dear Precious friends,
I pray you woke up today thanking God for the precious gift of a new day, seeking Him first, armoring up and being reminded of the warriors you are!
Have you ever met someone whose faith was so strong they were filled with radiant joy despite their circumstances and you were inspired beyond words to want that faith?
They radiate the power of God, are overwhelmed with His joy and consumed with His peace.
Not just occasionally … always.
It is obvious they hear God’s voice clearly. Their interaction with Him is relational and refreshing. They consistently see evidence of His activity in the rhythms of her life.
God’s Word comes alive to us — because He is alive through them.
Maybe you’ve known one or two of those amazing men or women yourself:
They are warriors who pray and believe. Expects then sees. Asks and then receives. Never easily discouraged or paralyzed by fear and insecurity, and they have a long list of very practical experiences with God to prove it.
I have been beyond blessed to have these incredible warriors surround me until I became one.
I had to know how they got to this point in their life, so I pressed them for details on their walk with the Lord and what made it so vibrant, fresh and alive.
Gods word says:
You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart... Jeremiah 29:13
The secret is the exact same one I want to reveal to you. It can all be summed up in one tiny, but very critical, power-filled word: FAITH.
"Be a woman and men of faith — not just one who talks faith — and you’ll never regret it."
Faith is one of the most overused, yet underutilized, expressions in Christian circles. Which is completely backward, because talking about faith is not the same as having it.
The true meaning of faith is plain and simple: Faith is an action.
In fact, action is the thing that makes faith, well, faith.
By definition, faith is not talking about, thinking about or even celebrating God’s truth. It is the process of adapting your behavior, your decisions and ultimately, your whole lifestyle so it aligns with what God has asked you to do — without needing to see the evidence it will all work out in the end.
Pastor Tony Evans, puts it like this, "Faith is acting like it is so, even when it is not so, so that it might be so, simply because God said so."
What enhances our experience with God is that we are willing and committed to translate our beliefs to active faith — acting on the promises and directives of God, not merely talking about them.
It could be a seemingly small thing like giving a gift to a stranger or being the first to mend fences with a friend. Or something larger, like moving from one state to another — the commitment to identify and follow the Lord’s leading in our heart was the key that not only unlocks the door to spiritual vibrancy, but also keeps us from falling prey to the enemy’s attacks to distract, dissuade and discourage us.
Is it always easy? No.
But over time, we learn to trust God enough to move forward at His Word. And what an amazing life of adventure with the Lord follows!
My warrior friends, it’s time... Fill your hearts....
Father God, I want a vibrant, intimate relationship with You. Help me walk with You in faith, even when I can’t see what You are doing. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.
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