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Move Mountain

Dear Precious Friends,
What an amazing visual!
We have been walking through some very difficult times. We need each other now more than ever and we need the truth of God's word more than ever. We need to be reminded of the mountains He moved in all of the Bible and remember He can do the same for us.

This truth has never meant more to me than now. His truth we can declare over our lives and sometimes as we are in the midst of our darkest days and toughest battles we need each other to share these truths and how He's moved for us!

Because our God moves, these mountains can move.
To scale that mountain ahead of us, we have to silence the enemy. He will try to tell you the mountain
you’re facing is greater than the God who is facing you — God who has never turned His back on you for one moment ever, so we are never facing anything insurmountable, we are walking in the strength of the One who is unstoppable.

Our enemy will try to tell you that don’t have what it takes to keep going
he will tell you should just lay down and give up now — when God’s giving you His hand right now to help you up.

“Prayer does more than change the mountain in front of us — it changes us.“ It's is so important to speak to our mountain in the Lord's strength. He hears every cry... every prayer and collects our tears in a bottle. He knows every hair on our head... He created us!!! He is our mountain mover!!

“If your faith is the size of a mustard seed you will say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there’, and it will move; nothing will be impossible for you.”
And if no mountain moved?
“Our cries never fall on deaf ears, but are caught by His soft, open heart. God hears our cry, because He is right here. ”
When we pray in the strength of the mountain mover, our prayer does more than change the mountain in front of us — it changes us.(Ann Voscamp)

When our faith is fully grounded in Christ — mountains in our way move fully off the ground. ...
He reminds us... it's never the size of our faith that moves our mountains, but the strength of our God.

When our world feels rocked, it’s because God’s moving our mountain.
We can scale any heights because Jesus carries the weight of everything — He is carrying us. Let's all just take the next step trusting the mountain mover... knowing these truths and living in His strength....

We can do this... Who is ready to tell their mountain about our God?

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