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Magnificent Monday

Dear Precious Friends,
On this Magnificient Monday, I want to share some highlights from the beginning of our church service yesterday..
I was reminded how much we need to stay grounded in God's word, His ways and reflect His love during such a time as this...
I am sharing some of the incredible wisdom our pastor shared from service.
It doesn’t matter who you voted for...we are the church of Jesus Christ. Jesus is King!! As the worshippers of king Jesus inform our hearts of the condition of our mind and how we live in every aspect of our mind… Jesus is king of kings and lord of all.. He is over the sovereign god.
We come together to worship him.. He is God and no one is like Him.. His kingdom lasts forever.
Our hope is not in a government.. our hope comes from the Lord…
He is the only one who is holy and worthy in all ways.
Pray for those in authority.
In Romans, it says everyone in authority is placed in authority by God…
Stretch our hands and lets surrender the whole nation to Him.
Let’s pray for those in authority and we worship a living God.
He allows things to happen...
Father we worship you this morning.. in complete surrender and adoration and complete peace.. You are God and there is no one like you.
You are seated on the throne of heaven.. in the mighty name of Jesus.
We are a divided nation.
We are called to be light in this world, we are the people who stand together even if we disagree politically.
We stand faithfully below the Lord.
Unite our hearts together.
Help us submit fully to you.. we are to walk in unity and praise for who you are and what you have done...
Bring people together.. despite our difference.. we see God who
in control of everything. We live according to his word. His truth.
give us eyes to see what you are doing and saying… help us to live to glory you and Honor you!
We honor you. we praise you.. we magnify you..
In Jesus name we pray.. and all God's people said
Now lets go and and reflect Jesus to a very dark world.
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