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Look Up

Dear Precious Friends,
I really love this reminder of the gift we have in a new day and God's goodness is greater than anything that comes against us. It's so easy to go to the negative and the hurtful things that life brings and cause us to be fearful... Our Lord invites us to remember that nothing is impossible for Him... He reminds us to look up and remember all He has done. Because we are in Christ we are forgiven and He has made us new and given us a new day to share His love... He only keeps us here because there is still more work for us to do... We have a big job every day... to share Him, His truth and His love with everyone we come in contact with... He has given us everything... we are 100% forgiven, we are deeply loved, we have a great future with HIm... Every pain we feel today will be taken away when Jesus returns..

I pray we can put on our spiritual eyes today and every day and have 20/20 vision to see truth and things as they are. The enemy wants to rob, steal and destroy our joy... I pray we can stand firm in HIs presence where complete joy is found despite our circumstances. This is the day He has made... let us rejoice and be glad in it despite whatever is coming against us. He is greater than anything that comes against us and it's time we live this truth.


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