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Dear Precious Friends,
In my quiet time and reading this morning I’ve been thinking of how hard it is to be in the world and not of the world.
I read this today and wanted to share as it struck me as such truth:

I'm here to issue a warning to you today that when you start focusing too much on the things of this world and not enough time on the things of God, you are inviting major problems into your life. Remember, in the world, there is no right or wrong. There is no absolute truth. Again, that is why I want to encourage everyone to daily stay in the Bible, because God's Word IS ABSOLUTE TRUTH. IT IS RIGHT AND WRONG. The world's goal is to be politically correct and not to offend anyone. The truth in God's Word is highly offensive to many because it lays out clearly what is right and what is wrong, and those living in rebellion to God are then reminded that the free will choices they have made are not in God's will. I guess my question for you today is, are you more concerned with pleasing the world, or pleasing God????? Caring about the things God cares about means that we will work for the eternal benefit of those around us. We will sacrifice our time, our talents, and our money to encourage and support others. We will focus on the needs of those around us, rather than on our own needs. We will desire to be known by our love, rather than by our bank account, our intellect, or our physical appearance. We will live a life of service rather than selfishness, of giving rather than greediness. Let me close with a simple question, is your mind focused more on the things of this world or the things of God? Pray about that today.

Let’s focus on the things of God my friends....
Let’s ask the Holy Spirit to check our hearts and stay focused on things of eternal significance. What if we use every single opportunity we are given this day to focus on God?
His word is truth. In His presence is fullness of joy.
No Joy=No presence of God.
True Joy= Gods presence
Joy definition:
J: Jesus first
O: Others second
Y: Yourself last

Have Joy my Friends!
Now can I have an Amen!

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