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I Am Second

Dear Precious Friends,
On this Thankful Thursday ... a precious gift... a new day... I want to share something that is so special, so beautiful, you will want to share it with everyone you know. Just over the last 24 hours I have encountered many people through Walk on Water, through this page, through dear friends who I keep in touch with ... and so many of us are going through so many difficulties and COVID has made it so much worse.
When walking through the valley of deep grief and great sadness, I was blessed to hear this amazing story and watch this youtube about the inspiration for this song by Danny Gokey who wrote this amazing song.
Please promise me you will take 3 minutes and listen to this. As you know Danny Gokey is now a well known Christian artist but as you read his story, you'll see he is so much more.
Danny Gokey was born on April 20,1980 in Milwaukee. As a church choir director, his friends and family knew he had a special God-given voice. The world met the spikey-haired Danny on the eighth season of American Idol. On that show, he stunned the world with his rich soulful voice.
He became an instant fan favorite on American idol in 2008 when he earned third place behind runner-up Adam Lambert.
Dany Gokey married Sophia Martinez in 2004. They were married for four years when Gokey received the chance of a lifetime to audition for American Idol. However, before his audition, Danny would receive the shock of his life.
Three weeks before Gokey was supposed to audition, his wife underwent surgery for her congenital heart disease. Complications followed, and she passed away. Distraught over his wife's passing, he didn't want to go through with his audition, Yet, Gokey knew his wife would want him to realize his dream of being a singer. He went through with the audition and made it through both the original audition and Hollywood week. He made it all the way to 3rd place.
Please take a moment and listen and then share this with all you know who are struggling and need their heart to beat again. He reminds us to come in agreement with the Lord that it's OK to hope again, believe again the great physician wants your heart to beat again!!!
Once you listen, please comment below how this spoke to your heart!!!
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