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He Hears Our Cries & Petitions

Dear Precious Friends,
Today is such a great day to remember all the ways the Lord bends down and listens to us... and hears our cries and our petitions. This image is such a great realization of this!

Psalm 116 is amazing and I love the way it is broken down here..

I love the Lord because He hears my prayers. What prayers have been heard and answered for you? v.1-2

I love the Lord because He comforts me when I am in pains of all sorts and death is shadowing over me. He is there close beside me when trouble and sorrow call on me. Think of the times the Lord has brought you through dark times. v.3

I love the Lord because He rescues me when I call on him to deliver me. Think of the times the Lord has rescued you. v.4

I love the Lord because He is righteous and merciful to me, a sinner, in need of mercy. Remember those times when God showed you mercy even though you didn’t deserve it. v.5

I love the Lord because He is no respecter of persons, and even though I am a “nobody”, He cares for me and loves me. Meditate on how the Lord cares for you and saved you even though compared to Him you are a lowly person of no importance. v.6

I love the Lord because He has dealt very generously and lovingly with me and I can rest and relax because I know He cares. Think of all the times the Lord has cared for you and given you relief and rest from your anxieties and stress. v.7

I love the Lord because He wipes away my tears, and He understands when I hurt. The Lord protects me from my own foolishness, and the wickedness of the world. Bring to mind all the ways that the Lord has comforted you and kept you from even greater harm or trouble. v.8

The Psalmist goes on to list some ways that he will respond because of his love for the Lord:

I will walk with the Lord through this life. v.9
I will take hold of salvation and turn to the Lord. v.13
I will keep my vows and live a life that is an example to all. v.14
I will not fear death because it will take me into the Lord’s presence. v.15
I will serve the Lord with all my heart because He has freed me from the chains of sin. v.16
I will praise the Lord and thank Him for all His blessings. v.17
I will praise the Lord all the time, in every place and every situation. v.19

Often, Like our kids who never stop to appreciate all their parents do for them... we do the same and don't stop to think of all the Lord has done for us.

Remember how it feels to be taken advantage of by others (or employees, or co-workers, or other Christians) take you for granted and never express appreciation or love for the sacrifices you make”; Imagine the Lord... who waits for us to appreciate all He does; who waits for us to express to others what He has done for us. Imagine His disappointment when we forget about Him because we are too busy doing our own thing to stop and thank Him, praise Him, love Him.

Let’s make today a day where our Lord gets an extra special helping of “thank You”, “I love You” and “I appreciate You” from everyone reading this.Psalm 116 is a great reminder how God bends down and llstens to our voice...If we feel discouraged, remember that God is near and listens carefully to every prayer and answers each one in order to give us His best.

Lord, We love you because You first loved us. We thank You for all your blessings and goodness. We appreciate, acknowledge and praise You for all You do for us each and every day. In Jesus’ Name, Amen
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