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Dear Precious Friends,
I pray you are experiencing a joyful TGIFF (Thank God I’m Forgiven Friday)!

When we experience the adversities of life, whether small irritations or overwhelming sorrows, our response needs to be one of humility and trust, and yes even rejoicing as we remember that it is the will of God that we learn to be joyful and patient IN afflictions and trials because God is using these things to produce in us the likeness of Christ. (Philipians 2:3-15)

I love the word Grateful. I am humbled beyond belief to remember all the ways God has blessed us. To know that no matter what happens ...the rest of the story is beautiful because Jesus already paid the price for our sin and He defeated Satan at the cross!!! That my friends is reason to be grateful!!

It's easy to give God thanks when we are in the land of plenty, but our response in the wilderness and dark valleys is the true indicator of where are heart really is.

No matter what our circumstances are in life right now, I pray that we choose to remain grateful for everything the Lord has done, and everything He is doing though we can't perceive it yet. After all, if the only thing we had to be thankful for is our salvation - that's MORE than enough to be forever grateful.

Love you all so much!💜💜💜
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