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Drink Deeply and Often

Dear Precious Friends,
As we begin a new week I love this visual of what we need most... Time with our Lord, In His word filling up our souls. There is nothing like it... So much coming at us every day, very troubled times and we need to be strengthened in our faith every day to be reminded God is with us. The promises of God belong to the children of God... We have the right and the authority to claim them. I pray this message encourages you. How do we obtain wisdom, direction, stay grounded, how we know truth? Time in His word, Time with Him... It's how we armor up, stand firm and know our purpose. He gives us wisdom and His promises that never change. When we set the Lord continually before us and spend time in His word, praying and giving Him all our requests He reminds us that no weapon formed against us will prosper. We have an amazing heritage from the Lord. We are in a spiritual war... His shield is in His word..

Max Lucado shares the following:

Let Christ be the water of your soul.
Toward this end, I give you this tool: a prayer for the thirsty heart. Carry it just as a cyclist carries a water bottle. The prayer outlines four essential fluids for soul hydration: God’s work, God’s energy, his lordship, and his love. You’ll find the prayer easy to remember.
Just think of the word W-E-L-L.

Lord, I come thirsty. I come to drink, to receive. I receive your work on the cross and in your resurrection. My sins are pardoned, and my death is defeated. I receive your energy. Empowered by your Holy Spirit, I can do all things through Christ, who gives me strength. I receive your lordship. I belong to you. Nothing comes to me that hasn’t passed through you. And I receive your love. Nothing can separate me from your love.

Don’t you need regular sips from God’s reservoir? I do. I’ve offered this prayer in countless situations: stressful circumstances, dull days, long drives, demanding trips, character-testing decisions. Many times a day I step to the underground spring of God and receive anew his work for my sin and death, the energy of his Spirit, his lordship, and his love.

Drink with me from his bottomless well. You don’t have to live with a dehydrated heart.

Receive Christ’s work on the cross,
the energy of his Spirit,
his lordship over your life,
his unending, unfailing love.

Drink deeply and often. And out of you will flow rivers of living water.


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