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But God....

Dear Precious Friends,
With all the news and difficulties coming at us each day... it is easy for us to go down a slippery slope of despair and discouragement... Have you ever been so discouraged that no matter what direction you seem to turn there is some sort of conflict or trial ahead of you and all you want to do is drop to the floor and cry out, ENOUGH!!!! The Apostle Paul certainly knew what it was like. There are times the pain and fatigue is more than you can bear; yet in all this turmoil we can take great comfort knowing that God is our Encourager! Our Heavenly Father knows exactly what we need, when we need it, and how or whom He will use to provide the encouragement we need just at the right moment.

Two words(BUT GOD) that can turn everything around. Two words that make all the difference in the world. Two words, that are available to us at any time. Paul is beside himself so he writes, "We faced conflict from every direction, with battles on the outside and fear on the inside." He paints a bleak picture, with seemingly no hope, and then he writes two words, "BUT GOD." All would have been lost, "BUT GOD". There would have been no hope, "BUT GOD". There is nothing that could be done, "BUT GOD". It was God. The God who encourages those who are discouraged, encouraged Paul. And He will do the same for us. Today, let God be the difference. Let God give you all the encouragement you need. Let God be God in your life. Let us never forget there is a rest of a story... BUT GOD... who is our everything can wipe out the strongest army, move mountains and created the earth out of nothing!! His strength and loving kindness knows no end!! His power is our strength in ALL situations. He is the answer to all our troubles.. He is always on our side and fighting for us!!!


Song of reflection:


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