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Be the Church

Dear Precious Friends,
It's Magnificent Monday and we are God's people, we are the church, the church has never been about the building! Here is an awesome list of what we can do!

Other things may be canceled however, the following is not canceled and in God's timeline... these are the most important!

Let's check off the list below, each of us...
1. You may have watched your church service yesterday, however there are so many amazing messages that help keep us in God's word as we are the church to a dark and scared world!! What a great time to listen to another awesome message. Lake Mary Church is where I worship. Highly recommend this message!!! Lakemarychurch.com
Also Passion City church messages are amazing! passioncitychurch.com
Please share others you have listened to and love.
First Baptist Orlando has incredible teaching

2. Our time with the Lord is the most important time we have!! I love to listen to worship songs before I open His word... and pray!!!

Today I listened to Waymaker... He is our Waymaker:
Here is the link...



During this time of worship it's all about Him.. no distractions and He speaks truth into us!!!

3.Praying for the sick... there are so many to pray for... place their names in your journal so you can touch their name as you pray for them and see the answered prayer as it is answered and it cheers us up!!!

4. Helping Others: there are so many who need groceries run, or a pick me up left at their door to let them know you are thinking of them...
let them know you are praying for them. If you talk to them say Let me pray for you... not "can I pray for you"... Let me pray for you. Then let the Holy Spirit lead you in a beautiful prayer for them.

5. We must be the church now more than ever!!! Our church may be online but we have been commissioned to go out and be the church to our community! Be the good, kindness, unconditional love, healer.
Let your light shine !!!!

In this group you are now commissioned to go out and be a reflection of the Lord to all you come in contact with esp. your family! What a great time to do a bible study or daily devotional together.

Have a blessed day and lets be the church to a scared, anxious and fear-filled world. We can pray for our neighbors while walking our neighborhood ...There is so much we CAN DO!!!

You are commissioned!!!



Who is in?

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