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Be Mindful

Dear Precious Friends,
As we begin a new week let's be sure we remember this truth and remember Greater is He who is in us than He who is in the world.
Please lets be mindful that so many are struggling and this could be us!
We need each other... We need our hope in the Lord...

It is so easy to lose focus. We lose heart when we lose sight of who we are and whose we are . Let's make choices that fill us up and draw us close to the one who gave us life. May we refuse to look at our troubles one after another feeling hopeless. May you instead, look up and give thanks. May you carry only what Jesus has assigned to you. May you celebrate the dreams of others while you wait for your own to come true.

Things are so tough for so many right now. Our hearts are breaking yet our hope is in the Lord...
Suicides are up, Drug overdoses are up, Domestic Violence is up... Isolation is often a tool Satan uses to speak lies to us...

If you are suffering from depression or another mental illness, know this: God cares deeply when you suffer. You are in pain, you may wonder where God is. He is right there with you, just as He always is, whether or not you can feel it.

Even if you are so depressed that you cannot put your prayers into coherent words, God understands. God hears the cries of your heart and is with you.

As Psalm 34:18 (NLT) says, “The LORD is close to the brokenhearted; He rescues those whose spirits are crushed.”

Even if you are confident of God’s care in the midst of your suffering, it can still be difficult to navigate Christian community. Sometimes you will have to overcome the stigma and misconceptions that surround depression as you seek support. God can give you the strength to seek the help you need.

No matter what others may tell you, it is not shameful or a sign of weak faith to go to therapy or take prescription medication for a mental illness.

Some people will never fully understand the truth about depression. Seek out people you feel safe with and who can support you without judgment. It is important to have people encourage you, walk beside you, pray for you, and remind you of the truth of God’s love and faithfulness during this difficult season.

With the love and support from God and the people around you, you can get through this time.

Let's come together in community and reach out to others we are concerned about. This is a very tough time and we need each other to share our hope in Jesus Christ more than ever before. The Holy Spirit will put others in your heart to reach out to and if it's you, please reach out.

Who will join me in reaching out to someone or several today who God puts on your heart.

You are loved, you are treasured, you are His... You better believe Greater is He who is in you than He who is in the world.

Love you all so much.



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