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Back To School

Dear Precious Friends,
On this start of a new day and new school year for many...
let's all take time today to lift up our students, teachers, administrators, parents and faculty in this new back to school environment.

This year, many students, families and others face new circumstances and unusual challenges. Complications abound. Some schools are reopening but others are offering only online options. Some families have a choice, others don’t. For all the differences, though, one thing is common, everywhere and for everyone: we need prayer.


Here are six short prayers for our new educational landscape.

1) God, grant wisdom and understanding to the public officials, school boards, superintendents, administrators and more who are juggling so many concerns and challenges for this coming school year. Shower them with creativity and clarity in all of the work they must do.

2) Lord, please have mercy on the parents and other caregivers of students who face perplexing situations and schedules. Help those who must juggle the task of providing for their families and their children’s need for education. Bring order out of confusion and hope from despair.

3) Heavenly Father, help students of all ages in the coming days, weeks and months. Encourage those who suffer from a lack of social interaction. Empower those who need help with online learning. Encourage those with special needs. And please keep them all safe and healthy while they learn.

4) Lord, you know the situations faced by teachers and tutors at this time, some of whom must enter the front lines, others who must learn new ways of teaching, and still others who must cope with idleness and uncertainty. Please come to them and strengthen them, granting fresh ideas and miraculous effectiveness in their workplaces and work challenges.

5) God, hear our prayers for school system personnel facing even more challenges than usual in their lives and livelihoods: custodial staff, cafeteria staff, bus drivers, and others. Provide for the unemployed and under-employed. Help those who are struggling. Grant relief to those who are overworked and encouragement to those who are overwhelmed.

Lord, we put our children who are going to school today into your hands. There is so much we can do as parents and prayer partners, but ultimately you are the one who knows their end from the beginning. May our children not set their eyes and mind on things that don’t glorify your name while at school. Let no harm befall them, dear Lord. Be their source of encouragement, especially when things at school become difficult. Grant them grace to excel in everything they do, and may they never be ashamed of the gospel of Jesus Christ when they are interacting with their peers. Lord, connect them to good friends that will impact their faith positively for the glory of your name.
For all of the above, Lord, please protect and preserve them physically, emotionally and mentally. Keep them safe and healthy; increase their strength and stamina now and in the future,

In Jesus precious name we pray. AMEN!!!

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