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Work To Do

Dear Precious Friends,
On this beautiful TGIFF thank God Im Forgiven Friday,
I pray you are waking up to a new day with the hope we have in Him. Our world is getting darker all the time which gives us a great chance to be a bright light in the darkness!
We are still here because He has work for us to do.
In the unbelievably difficult times we are in, where our culture is accepting evil for good and good for evil,
Jesus is the answer. He is the way, the truth and the life. Many people rejected Jesus (and continue to do so), but while He was here on earth, even one of His very own disciples (Judas) rejected Him. And just a couple hours later, another one of His closest disciples (Peter) rejected knowing Him. THREE TIMES.
When we face rejection, we must remember that Jesus had to/has to endure rejection every single day as people turn their back on Him. No matter what, Jesus understands more than anyone knows what we experience when rejection comes our way.
Thank God for Jesus’ forgiveness when we turn our backs on Him; He gives us so many opportunities to repent and make things right in our relationship with Him! Jesus understands and His arms are open wide, ready for us to cry out to Him about our pain of rejection.
There is a Man who wants to be the closest friend we have ever had in our entire lives. Everything could be stripped away from us or everyone in your life may walk away from us, but the Lord’s love for us will always be there.
In Christ, we are made worthy before God and are accepted into His beloved family. The cross is a symbol of God’s great love for us. Jesus died and paid the price for our sin so that we would forever experience a relationship with our Savior.
In our world, we, as Christians are rejected. Without a relationship with Jesus, there is no peace, no hope, no joy, no true love. We are all sinners in Gods Holy eyes, but embracing Jesus, ushers in the greatest relationship we will ever know from now on into eternity. He wants to walk with us. He won’t reject us and will stick close forever and always.
He is the Author of Peace, Love and Salvation.
My friends, we have a lot of work to do! Our world needs Jesus and may be running out of time.
Let’s share His ways, truths and life with all we come in contact with.
May be an image of text that says 'The world wants peace, but rejects the Prince of Peace. The world wants love, but rejects the Author of Love. The world wants life, but rejects the One Who gave His to save theirs. The world desperately wants Jesus, but they too busy rejecting Him to realize He's the answer.'
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