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Woke Up Blessed

Good Morning Precious Friends,
This is the day that the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it!!!!
We welcome this new day as the gift it is...and I love this reminder of how we are to wake up.... WE ARE SO BLESSED!!!! We have to step back and look at the life we have, the life God has given us... and start our day with HIM!!!
Wake up praying, wake up in the word of God, live today as if it's my last day. God I can NOT overcome sin on my own effort, give me the power to walk in freedom from sin... A true repentant heart that turned from sin wakes up and has fresh power from the Holy Spirit. We need it every hour of the day.
SO WHY ARE WE SO BLESSED???? Because if you are in this group you seek God first in your life. We start our day with God and know this life is temporary.. The only thing that goes with us when we leave this earth, is what we do for the Lord!!! We send ahead our eternal blessing by what we do with our time here on this earth!!! ONLY ONE LIFE WILL SOON BE PASSED, ONLY WHATS DONE FOR CHRIST WILL LAST...!!
Let's all sober up and remember why we are here and what our job is no matter what we are walking through... the doors that close on us are because God is protecting us or wants us involved doing His work somewhere else... WE have to look at everything from an eternal perspective.
We hear often don't sweat the small stuff... its all small stuff.. Let me just tell you... the time suckers that take us off our job description that keep us self focused are the things that we can't take with us.... That is the small stuff... The things of eternal significance, this is what we are to stay focused on...
Yes take the time to help someone in need, ... take the time to call or visit your friend who just was diagnosed with cancer, or another health issue, or lost their husband, Mom or family member... All these earthly things will pass away.. we are to be about our Fathers Business..
Let's take today to realize why we are so blessed... Take today to reboot, refocus, repurpose to what God has called us to do and why we are so blessed... THE MONEY, THE POWER, THE POLITICS ALL will pass... OUR LORD AND OUR RELATIONSHIP WITH HIM AND WHO WE TAKE WITH US TO HEAVEN... THAT IS WHAT MATTERS. CARPE' ETERNIUM... SEIZE ETERNITY..
In one moment we can go home... we can be taken to heaven like that... we can be sitting at work, some of our coworkers will be taken... The world will not understand what is happening because no one can expect it.
Jesus says "Be ready" every single waking moment of our life, we must be ready... Can you imagine hearing a trumpet right now... we know when we hear that trumpet we will be whisked up in a blink of an eye as believers... If this happened today would we be ready... Would we be in heaven... Do we know without a doubt that we already repented and accepted Jesus as our Lord and Savior... This day will come.. We will stand before the Lord and as believers, we must know we are accountable for every single thing we do while we are here... Are we encouragers, are we building each other up, are we loving the Lord with ALL our heart soul and mine, and our neighbor as ourselves? Please my friends, take today and ask yourself these questions.
God and His amazing love for us brought us into a new day. In this group we share truth... The rapture will happen so quick... We must always be ready!! If we have another day on earth and if you are reading this... this is you and I, our job description is to be disciples making disciples... This is our mission and this was the only mission God gave the disciples!!
Jesus went up to be with the Father, and He gave us the Holy Spirit... He reminds us as His children we aren't living for this world, we are living for Him...
Jesus will return, He will come back and for those of us who are still here, we will be raptured in a second... We will be with God forever!!!
We should be looking for that day with eternal hope.. with urgency...
1 Thes 4:17: After that we who are still alive and are left will be caught up together with them to meet the Lord in the air... so we will be with the Lord forever!!
(This is our reunion with our Father...)
THEREFORE we are to encourage one another with these words!!
What are these words? The King/The Lord is coming... why do we do this..? We are here to confirm, share and speak into the life of others... we are to encourage one another and build each other up.
Stand firm in the Lord... I was inspired to write this devo from my Pastors message this week at church. I believe everyone needs to listen to this message. Here is the link.
Carpe Eternium!
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