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Dear Precious Friends,
As we walk into a new week I am greatly encouraged by the truth of God's word. Every weakness we have is an opportunity for God to show His strength in our lives. We read here, in the simplest terms, that in order to help him grow in humility, God did not heal Paul. We know he had a thorn in His side... God would not remove the sickness, as Paul asked, but He did continually supply him with the grace to face it. Paul’s confession, “that the power of Christ may rest upon me,” makes it clear he was at rest with God’s decision.

THE WEAKER WE ARE, THE MORE OBVIOUS IT IS THAT GOD IS DOING THE WORK!!! This still seems to be God's preferred way in our lives... This scripture is such a great reminder that every single weakness we have is an opportunity for God to show His strength.
HE DOESN'T GIVE US MORE THAN HE CAN HANDLE. If you are like me... I certainly can't handle many things that have come our way recently, however..
IN HIM I CAN DO ALL THINGS... On my own, I can do nothing!!!

This is a freeing passage for me, as I allow God to do as He needs in our life... We can know that His power is made perfect in our weakness. There is great comfort in this for sure! We can still pray for the good things we desire to see in our lives... esp. when they don't happen as we think or pray. We must leave the door open for God to say to us the same thing He said to Paul: “My grace is sufficient.”
“LORD, may Your grace and power be evident in our lives today. Give us Grace to walk with You and power to bring about positive spiritual changes in ourselves and those we touch today through you. May you be glorified as we walk in your strength and may your power be made evident in our weakness. ”

NOW MY FRIENDS... Can I have an AMEN!

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