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Trust In You

Dear Precious Friends,
On this Soul Fill Sunday I pray your time of worship is filled with time spent with the Lord remembering who He is and what He has done.
The Psalms have been speaking extra loud to us as we walk through Rick's cancer and these life circumstances. They are that great reminder of what to do in times such as this. The great example of believers crying out in song and prayer expresses the heart and soul of humanity... I love how throughout the Psalms, the Psalmists confess their sins, express their doubts and fears, ask God for help in times of trouble and praise and worship Him.. I love how in the crying out to God from the depths of despair, you hear them singing to Him in the heights of celebration.. how they share their exact feelings with God. The honesty of this amazing book in the Bible God's absolute truth, encourages me! Today I love this reminder:
Lord, I put my life in your hand; I trust in you, my God…..." Psalm 25:1-2
This reminds us that surrender is not a point of weakness but of strength. Throughout the Bible we read that when a person finally stops trying to do things their way or chooses to surrender their will to God’s, that God steps in with power and perfection of His way to bring about victory and great blessings on His children. Even Jesus. Yes, even Jesus wanted to be sure that we saw through His example that our weakness is not a sign of defeat but, in fact, the place where Satan had better run. Luke 22 graphically relates the humanness of Jesus as He cries out to God about what is to come. As the bloody sweat pours from His body, Jesus surrenders to God’s will. Jesus shows us that surrender may not come easily; it may not come initially with contentment but God is faithful to give us the courage and peace we need. (Daily Devotion)
There are times when the only thing we can say is “I trust in You, my God”. Especially when things make no sense and we don't know the outcome of things. David is crying out and lives his faith. So today join me in choosing to take the only life we have and say, "Here, God, I know You gave me this life so I am giving it back, trusting that You have a plan for me. You know best and I trust You." We know He is faithful and trustworthy. We know his attributes are holy, sovereign, omniscient, merciful, wise, righteous, full of grace, our intercessor... and God is love... We know we can trust Him. He has brought us through so many things before and He will do it again.
So today, join me in reading the 25th Psalm in its entirety and living out this prayer:



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