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Think Before We Speak

Dear Precious VIP'S,
I can't wait to see you tonight on live at 5! I love this reminder that children are great imitators. We all need to be reminded to think before we post or talk... I have to remember is it
T rue
H elpful
I nspiring
N ecessary
K ind
What I see on Facebook can be great or it can be awful. What kind of example are we setting. If we follow this Think Before We Speak the world would change.
I have friends who have gotten off FB because of this and guys... we are called to be a light. When I see a yucky post, I immediately pray for the person who posted it.
I see their heart and know to pray and then I say OK God, how can I be a light. Just think of the change in our world since social media is so important if we all took this stand.
Let's go out and be a great example today and reflect God is all we are and all we do.
May be an image of child and text that says 'Children are great imitators. Give them something great to imitate.'
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