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Strong In Faith

Dear Precious Friends,
Happy Thanksgiving week! I love this reminder of keeping our roots deep in Him and building our Lives in Him!!! Being in His word builds our faith because we are saturating our soul with His word, His truth and when we do this we can be strong in the faith which always leads to Gratefulness...
When a storm comes, our roots are deep in the Lord as we weather the storm!

Paul tells us in this awesome scripture that as a Christian, we have all that we need to be thankful for through Christ.
Receiving Jesus as Lord (accepting what he did for us on the cross) leads to abundant thanksgiving in our lives. Not constant complaining. Yet how often do we complain?
Paul describes three characteristics of the Christian walk that will lead to abundant thanksgiving:
1. Be Rooted: When we put our faith in the death and resurrection of Christ, we are rooted in him. Roots bring nutrition to the plant they are connected to. Our lives are now being filled by Jesus and not the things of this world.
2. Built Up: Becoming a Christian isn’t the end of the road. We need to be continually allow Christ to build us up and increase our love and faith for him.
3. Established: The word used for established can also be translated “strengthened” as it is in the NIV. We constantly become strengthened through Gods word! Our faith in Jesus, and his death on the cross, is the only thing that completely satisfies and that will never let us down.
These three characteristics of faith lead to an abundance of thanksgiving.
We certainly don’t need a day of the year to be thankful because we have enough thankfulness to spread year round. Our thankfulness doesn’t come from our external circumstances, but from our inward and spiritual circumstance that is right through Christ. It’s awesome to set aside a day and remember all we have to be thankful for.

Join me in incredible gratitude for all the Lord has done.. despite Covid and all that is so challenging right now, we can be more grateful than ever because we aren't living for this world.. we are living for eternity! We must stay Rooted, Built up, and Established (strengthened).

Only one life will soon be past, only whats done for Christ will last.

Let's show our gratitude and make a difference wherever its needed on behalf of Jesus and show His love to all we come in contact with. There is so much need right in front of us. When we do, we are the blessed ones!
Have a blessed day!!!


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