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Satan Owns The Fence

Dear Precious Friends,
On this Magnificent Monday, I pray you are starting your day with the Lord, in His word and remembering the gift this day is, knowing the one true God who gave us this gift... and living this day for Him and His purposes...
Gods word is the absolute truth... It all starts with His word. Every answer to every question is in the BIBLE. (Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth.)
"In the beginning was the word, and the word became flesh and dwelt among us."
The truth of The Bible teaches us that there is not a fence or middle ground with Jesus; He compels us to make a choice.
In scripture, just in case the God of Israel was really a god, there were those who weren't sure so they covered themselves by going up to the Temple Mount. Just in case He wasn’t the only God (despite the 1st Commandment), they went into the Valley of Hinnom, offering even their own children in sacrifice.
We can be of split heart.
We can go to church (when absolutely convenient) or claim to be a Christian without going to church just in case there is a God and Jesus is who says He is. Going to church doesn't make you a Christian however, it's the heart to go and be with other believers, worshipping the one true God together and hearing God's word which fills us and changes us...
The other choice... to live as if there in no God and pursue whatever worldly passion consumes us even if that consumption gets in the way of God or is directly rebellious against God’s will.
When Jesus tells us to pluck out a straying eye, or chop off a sinful hand (Matthew 5.29-30), He isn’t telling us to maim ourselves; He is telling us to make a choice. Are we with Him or against Him?
To make no choice is to choose; to continue to strike this diabolical bargain is to choose hell. We cannot have one foot in and one foot out... Look at this image..
The Lord is either LORD OF ALL, or LORD OF NOTHING AT ALL!!!
There is no fence. There is no middle ground.
As Jesus says, “Whoever is not with me is against me, and whoever does not gather with me scatters.” (Matthew 12.30)Whoever is not with me is against me, and whoever does not gather with me scatters.”
It is popular today to sit on the fence and be non-committal. The world wants us to be accepting of all opinions. Jesus wants us to understand something. If you are not with him completely, then you are against him. You cannot sit on the fence when it comes to Jesus. You cannot say you want to wait longer before you make a decision. You are in a dangerous position. You are not with the Messiah. You are not with the king. You are still spending time with the strong man who has already been overcome and subdued by Jesus. You are choosing the losing side. Jesus now tells a parable to reveal the danger of the person who sits on the fence in verses 24-26.
I do not believe that Jesus is teaching random information about demons. We must consider that there is an important point being made when Jesus speaks about this demon who is cast out and then returns with seven more spirits. The point is that there is no neutrality with Jesus.“The picture is of a person who has experienced a great act of God, but has not responded to it, since the occupied house is left empty. The person has learned nothing and is still subject to the same demonic influence.
If you continue to sit on the fence and not fully commit your life to him, then you are being given over to Satan and his power and your condition is worse than the first. If you are not committed to Jesus your life is going to be a spiritual wreck. There is a void in your life and if it is not filled by Jesus, then it is going to be filled with all kinds of evil and wickedness. We are not with Christ if there has been no life change. We are still stubborn and resistant to becoming his disciple. We may think that we are with him. But we are just like these people in the text who are sitting around testing Jesus, looking for another sign. If our lives are not guided by the Spirit then our lives are guided by Satan. We must be completely regenerated to Jesus otherwise we are degenerating back into the ways of Satan.
“Blessed rather are those who hear the word of God and keep it!” ...
When Jesus was on earth, people were seeing the miracles and hearing His teachings. Blessed are those who do not sit on the fence. Blessed are those who look at the life of Jesus, hear his teachings, and keep his words. Jesus is looking for people who will give their lives fully to Jesus. If you do not wholeheartedly follow the Lord, the end is worse than the first. You are going to fall back into sin and you are going to have a stubborn heart develop.
If you are sitting on the fence you must recognize that you are not sitting where you think you are sitting. If you are not fully with Jesus, then you are against him. Sitting on the fence means that you are still sitting with the defeated Satan. You have chosen to play for the losing team. The longer you sit on the fence in Satan’s camp, the more likely you are going to stay there and never give your life completely to Jesus. You will be like these people who see the miracles and never follow. You will hear God’s word but never obey. Your soul is lost and your doom is sealed. Jesus has conquered sin and Satan. Jesus has proven through his miracles, which could not be denied, that he is the Lord. No longer sit with Satan.
My friends, lets all be sure we are not sitting on the fence and commit to obeying our Lord today.
Check out how many times you use the word I today... "THERE IS A REASON THERE IS AN I IN THE MIDDLE OF SIN"... Anytime we do things our way.. we are sinning. Let's all ask God to show us where we are .. .are we on the fence... all in or out?
Only one life twill soon be past, only whats done for Christ will last.
May be an image of text that says 'IT'S EITHER GOD OR THE WORLD SATAN OWNS THE FENCE'
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