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Rest in the Lord

Dear Precious Friends,
On this beautiful new day, this gift like no other.. we praise and thank God for allowing us to see another day. For giving us breath and life we praise Him. Regardless of what we face today, the joy of the Lord is our strength and keeps us strong.
The riches of this world don't last..the gifts and talents of this world don't last... The things of this world will perish, but our gift of Jesus lasts. His love, His promises, His word are our greatest treasures.... and so with the cross before us and the world behind us, we can have Jesus over anything this world can offer. I'd rather have Jesus than silver, gold or anything of this world.
May we look at this image and remember the battle has been won. Look at the rest in her face knowing she is completely free of the things of this world and she is resting in Him.
May we take this time to rest in the Lord and give Him all our struggles, our concerns, out hurts, our fears, our doubts and mostly our gratitude knowing there is nothing we face that He hasn't already won. The victory has been won.
Thank you Jesus.
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