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Pray For Our Pastors

Dear Precious Friends,
On this TGIFF (Thank God I'm Forgiven Friday) this gift of a new day and the reminder to stay focused on God's purpose for our lives as well as the shortness of our life. We remember our days are numbered and we are to seek a heart of wisdom. We need to realize the importance of our Pastors and the attacks they are under, the exhaustion and how important they are to each of us! Whether you attend a church physically or online, please Pray for your Pastors! Put their names in the comments so we can pray for them. The enemy is trying to wear them down. If he can wear them down, they can’t lead the church. Lord, keep our pastors strong!
🙏🏼 Heavenly Father, we pray for Pastors. We know that the enemy is pulling out all stops and bombarding them with spiritual warfare. We stand in the gap. Father, we raise up our shields of faith, which extinguishes all the fiery darts from the enemy. We come against the spirit of depression, anxiety, and oppression, in the name of Jesus, they are more than conquerors! Greater is He! Many are weary, we pray for their strength. Lord give them supernatural strength and holy boldness to proclaim the gospel. We pray for their marriages, strengthen them. We bind any spirit of strife from their homes. We pray for their households, their children. No weapon formed against them will prosper. We pray a protective hedge around their entire household. Lord, we ask that You command Your angels charge over them and their household, over their comings and their goings. Lord, we pray for their minds. We plead the blood of Jesus. Lord that they would keep their armor on, including the helmet of salvation. Lord, give them peace that passes all understanding. Lord, keep them seeking and hungering after you. Lord that no distractions would hinder their time with You. Help them to manage their time so they have plenty of time in the secret place with You. Fill them to overflowing with Your Holy Spirit. Anoint their words, we pray also that whenever they speak, Your words will be given to them so that they will fearlessly make known the mystery of the gospel. Help them to know that it’s not by might or by power but by Your Holy Spirit. In the name of Jesus. Amen.
“A caring Pastor will build his people; a caring people will build their pastor.”
Jeremiah 3:15
Then I will give you shepherds after my own heart, who will lead you with knowledge and understanding.
Take a moment to thank them, encourage them, send them a nice note, a nice comment of appreciation for their sacrifices every single day. Their hearts are broken for all the brokenness. They are being pulled on in so many ways. Let's pray for them and stay focused on what a blessing they are, what a high calling they have and how much they need to know they are loved and appreciated.
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