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Pray For Afghanistan

Dear Precious Friends,
On this Fill our Soul Sunday, I pray you are waking up to a beautiful new day and embrace the gift of the freedoms we have to live in the United States. May we focused on filling our minds with God's word and have the privilege of worshipping with other believers freely and hearing a strong message from a spirit filled Bible teaching Pastor. God has given us the gift of a new day, a gift like no other. He reminds us to number our days so we may gain a heart of wisdom. Wisdom comes from His word. May we take time to Fill up so we can be a light in a dark world. Here are a few verses that remind us of who God is. He is our Rock... Our Anchor, Our Help in times of trouble. He is our Way maker, our promise keeper, our light in the darkness, We pray for our friends in New Orleans and for protection and this storm to cease. For God to be with our friends there and keep them safe. Friends, we need to armor up and spend our time wisely. The world needs hope and our only hope is in our Savior. He is our Hope. He is the Victor. While we are here on this earth for such a times as this, we must be purposeful with our time and share the truth of Jesus with all we come in contact with.
Below I'm sharing a post that shares how we can help our friends in Afghanistan as the closing deadline brings unbelievable evil to our brothers and sisters.
Our hearts are heavy as we pray for those in Afghanistan and the evil that is happening. God hears every single prayer and we must pray like never before.
And they remembered that God was their rock, and the Most High God their Redeemer. Psalm 78:35
For who is God, besides the Lord? And who is a rock, besides our God? 2 Samuel 22:32
There is no one holy like the Lord. Indeed, there is no one besides You. Nor is there any rock like our God. 1 Samuel 2:2
Trust in the Lord forever, for in God the Lord, we have an everlasting Rock. Isaiah 26:4
But the Lord has been my stronghold, and my God the rock of my refuge. Psalm 94:22
He only is my rock and my salvation, my stronghold: and I shall not be greatly shaken.
Psalm 62:2
I pray you have a blessed day and spend much of your time throughout this day praying for the following situation.
Let's all help and do what we can.
May God bless you and fill you with His presence as you go out to love and serve Him.
POSTED FROM SUSIE LARSON'S PAGE: She is an author, radio host and strong believer.
[[Received this from PR Newswire Today]]:
What we are witnessing right now is the decimation of the country and people of Afghanistan. We are watching twenty years of work and the strengthening of a nation being destroyed in a single day.
The Taliban has a hit list of known Christians they are targeting to pursue and kill. The US Embassy is defunct and there is no longer a safe place for believers to take refuge. All borders to neighboring countries are closed and all flights to and from have been halted, with the exception of private planes. People are fleeing into the mountains looking for asylum. They are fully reliant on God, who is the only One who can and will protect them.
The Taliban are going door-to-door taking women and children. The people must mark their house with an "X" if they have a girl over 12 years old, so that the Taliban can take them. If they find a young girl and the house was not marked they will execute the entire family. If a married woman 25 years or older has been found, the Taliban promptly kill her husband, do whatever they want to her, and then sell her as a sex slave.
Husbands and fathers have given their wives and daughters guns and told them that when the Taliban come, they can choose to kill them or kill themselves—it is their choice.
Global Catalytic Ministries (GCM) is taking an active stance in prayer, support, and advocacy for our brothers and sisters—many of whom have been serving as leaders as the Afghanistan church grows at a historic rate (second only to Iran right now). Although people are heading for the hills, many want to stay in the country and continue to advance the Gospel; however, we will relocate those who need to be secured. GCM's stance has always been and will be to do whatever is necessary to move the Gospel forward. Our brothers and sisters in Afghanistan continue to inspire us with their boldness and resolve in their darkest hour.
Please pray for the Afghan Church to have strength and endurance. They continue to lead Bible studies, prayer meetings, and are proactively evangelizing during the very events you are seeing in the news. Pray for them to be hidden supernaturally by the hand of the Lord just like in John 8:59 when Jesus disappeared into the crowd.
The Afghan Church and GCM believe that the best days are before us, and we will witness the greatest movement of salvation among Muslims from the ashes of this catastrophe.
Pray for those fleeing to the hills to be protected (Psalm 73, Psalm 91)
Pray for miraculous protection for women and children being forcibly taken and those that have already been taken for their protection, salvation, and deliverance. (2 Thessalonians 3:1-5)
Pray that the Afghan Church steps into her identity in Christ and walks in unity with the Holy Spirit. (Ezekiel 37, Romans 15:5-6)
We are storing up a "war chest" for our believers. It will include emergency funds and supplies to help get them to safety, to assist in relocation, and for medical and physical needs of the families. These believers that have fled to the mountains currently need essential supplies of food, water, and basic vitamins.
Between now, as the Taliban have clinched total control over Afghanistan, we are raising $500K to serve and support a network of 1500+ Afghani families and ministry partners committed to serving their communities with basic needs (food, water, shelter) through the uncertain days and months ahead. We have already begun mobilization. Get involved today.
Global Catalytic Ministries is a nonprofit organization who has been a part of two major documentary films: Sheep Among Wolves, Vols. I & II. This unique, groundbreaking ministry is carried out almost entirely by nationals and former Muslims—some of whom were even terrorists, and are making disciples where no one wants to.
Audrie Trevino
(208) 570-5735
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