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Nothing Else by Cody Carnes

Dear Precious Friends,
WOW.. ANOTHER DAY.. A GIFT FROM GOD.. WHAT WILL WE DO WITH THIS GIFT. We have opportunities right now to be the heart of Jesus to those in need... to those who don't know Him... to those who need Him...

I never pre-plan what I'm going to post and each and every day I ask the Lord what He wants to share for the day. Today I am overwhelmed with what I feel He wants me to share. I'd like you to listen to this song. PROMISE ME!!! It will bless you beyond words and anything I can put in words...

Once you listen I'd like you to share what God shared with you during your time of worship, what you are grateful for and what God has shown you through this time. Our response as Christians to these difficulties are to Pray, Connect with others, Serve, Encourage and Give.

Please listen to this and share... YOU WILL BE SO BLESSED BY THIS TIME WITH THE LORD...

I can't wait to hear from you.
The victory has already been won.

Click image below to listen: 

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