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New Day

Dear Precious Friends,
On this incredible new day, this gift from God, I pray you are waking up to a new day knowing God is with you and putting Him first. As we read Chapter 4 innLuke for our read a Chapter of Luke each day, there are so many lessons that I needed to hear and to try to keep this brief is very difficult.
We all face temptations at one time or the other. We quite often have an opportunity to choose if we are going to do what God would have us do, or ignore His desires and do our own thing.
Sometimes we feel that if the Holy Spirit leads us, it will always be "beside peaceful streams, but that it not necessarily true.
This is My beloved Son in Whom I am well pleased,' were the wonderful words of encouragement that thundered from heaven when the Lord Jesus fulfilled all righteousness.. by being baptized, by John in the Jordan river. Christ's earthly ministry and three year trek to Calvary's bitter cup, which had been prepared for Him before the foundation of the world.. was about to begin.
The Holy Spirt led Jesus into the wilderness for a long and difficult time of testing and he may also lead us into difficult situations. When facing trials, we have to make sure we haven't brought them on ourselves through sin or unwise choices. If we have no sin to confess then we ask God for strength to pass the test. Faithfully we must follow where the Holy Spirit leads.
It seems temptation often comes right after a high point in our spiritual life or ministry. This reminds us to be on guard in times of victory just as much as in times of discouragement. The Devil, who tempted Adam and Eve in the garden also tempted Jesus in the wilderness. Satan is a real being, a rebellious fallen angel who constantly fights against God & those who follow & obey God.
So how do we follow and obey Him? Knowing and obeying God's Word is an effective weapon against temptation.
Jesus, when He was on this earth, was not exempt from facing similar trials and temptations. The most famous of Jesus’ trials is the one found in Luke 4, where the Devil tempted Jesus.
Although most of us will not rank the personal attention of Satan’s temptations, we can learn how to face our temptations by following Christ’s example. What gave Christ the victory then, will help us succeed today.
Notice that in all three trials (Luke 4:1-13) Jesus faced, He was victorious. We can win when we are tempted to sin. We do not have to succumb to the impulse to lie, cheat, deceive, commit adultery, or any other weakness our flesh desires. Also, notice that none of Jesus’ trials were won by smart answers, reasoning with the enemy, or compromising. They were won by simply quoting and abiding by biblical principles.
When Jesus was tempted to turn the stones into bread, He simply quoted Deuteronomy 8:3, “… make thee know that man doth not live by bread only, but by every word that proceed out of the mouth of the LORD doth man live.” Satan attacked again and tried to tempt Jesus by offering power and the things of this earth. Christ’s defense was again Scripture: “…Thou shalt fear the LORD thy God; him shalt thou serve …” (Deut. 10:20).
By the third temptation, Satan knew how Jesus would fend him off. Satan attempted to counter with Scripture. Satan’s misquoting and misusing of God’s Word (Psalm 91:11), did not hamper Jesus. Our Savior simply quoted part of Deuteronomy 6:16, “…Thou shalt not tempt the Lord thy God.”
As our representative Man, Christ's victory in the wilderness and His triumph on the cross became the victory and triumph for all who believe on His name for salvation.
The key to facing temptation is not running from it, ignoring it, or giving in to it. It is determining if it is wrong, and if so, sticking to the truth of God's word.. given in the Bible. That is why we must read and study God’s Word daily, know it, and claim it...
THE ARMOR OF GOD REMINDS US AS WE PUT IT ON DAILY (Ephesians 3) that the sword is our only offensive weapon.
We never know what trials and temptations we will face today. When we do face them, we must know what God’s Word says about the trial we are facing. We must know Scripture well enough to make it our protection and guide through the pitfalls we will face.
In Chapter 4 verse 18 Jesus shares His message from Isaiah that He is the Lord, the Messiah. His mission is clearly stated from 700 years before!!!
We can write a book on that one scripture and the fulfillment of Isaiahs writing through Jesus. Just amazing the ABSOLUTE TRUTH OF GOD'S WORD.
I pray you have a blessed day, armored up and ready to conquer through the power of the truth living in you through the Holy Spirit and the word of God.
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