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New Day

Good Morning Precious Friends,
God has given us a new day... what a gift. No matter what we are facing He is with us!!! Whatever we are searching for, God knows where to find it. Whatever we are seeking to understand, God understands it more completely. In all things there is God. For every problem there is God. For every need there is God! He has all the power we need, all the wisdom we need and His love compels Him to act on our behalf. He will never misdiagnose our need. He will never confuse our situation with that of another one of His children. He is “mighty in power”… and “his understanding has no limit.”
Question... of the 3 scriptures below, what truth fits your circumstance today?
Let's encourage one another and remind each other of God's truths!!! Please share and let's learn from each other, encourage each other and share God's absolute truth... HIS WORD... and how He meets every need we have.
Have a beautiful day knowing how loved, how strong and how powerful you are through Him!!
May be an image of text that says 'TRUTHS to HOLD ONTO WHEN LIFE feels HARD: The battle may be big, but God is bigger. (Psalm 147:5) We may feel weak, but God is strong (Psalm 46:1) We may be powerless, but God is powerful. (Psalm 66:7)'
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