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Narrow Gate

Dear Precious Friends,
On this TGIFF, (Thank God I'm Forgiven Friday) I pray we are embracing this new day as the incredible gift it is. As we walk through life and see how fast time is flying by, it is so important that we pause, pray and surrender.... Put first things first and make certain we are walking with God and we are on the path God calls us to....
This scripture from Matthew 7 is a sobering reminder of truth.
Rick and I went to see his Dad in North Carolina last weekend and I took a book with me called a Life Well Spent. What a great and sobering reminder in this book of what will last. When we stand before God, And give an account of how we fulfilled His purpose while we were here on earth—namely, to trust him, love him with all our hearts, love our neighbors as ourselves, obey him and share Him with all we come in contact with. We will give an individual account to God. Anything that we don't use for the kingdom that lights up and can be burned will turn to ashes and have no value.... when we use God's precious gifts for the kingdom, this is what is counts. Only one life twill soon be past, only whats done for Christ will last. In the book, the author was living for the world and it's material successes and by the worlds standards was very successful. He had a huge wake up call when he had a heart attack at 61. When facing God, the material things will turn to ashes if they aren't used for eternal purposes.
I'm sharing from a devo today that is so heavy on my heart to share. May we all meditate on this passage and the reminder below and make the changes necessary to be God dependent, knowing Him, knowing why we are here, knowing His great love and sharing Jesus. May our focus be on the eternal things that count.
First and foremost....
The question we ALL must ask ourselves daily is "what road are we traveling on?" and which gate have we set our minds and heart on to enter in? In this passage of scripture Jesus gives us a description of two gates or roads that are daily and often entered into and traveled by humanity. He describes it as the "narrow gate" and the other is described as the "wide gate."In this life we are given choices, including the path in which we will take in this life and life eternal. Yes, there are two gates to enter in or two roads to travel, "BUT" only one leads to life everlasting with God the Father in heaven and very few travel it. That is so sad and heartbreaking to hear. The narrow or the wide? Which have you chosen to enter in? Which have you chosen to travel on today? One leads us into unity with God through Christ Jesus and the other leads us to a place of separation from God. There is no in between path in life. We all are on one or the other.
My friends please take this message seriously. No, there is no middle ground where salvation is concerned. We are either connected or disconnected where our relationship with God is concerned. Which gate have purposed in your heart to enter in today? The truth is in the wide gate there are no limits, no restrictions, free for all, do and say whatever pleases you, live how you want to, eat, drink and be merry. On the other hand, the narrow gates have requirements called "faith, self denial, obedience, prayer, submission to God's authority, reverence and honor for God and His Word." Indeed there is a difference in the 2 paths. Self sufficient or God dependent! Whatever our choice, remember, that one leads to a path of eternal life with God and the other leads to death which is separation from God in eternity. My prayer for us and the urgent plea to us today is that we choose wisely for our lives now and in the future depending upon our daily choices and where we will spend eternity.
Source: Gods word, Holy Spirit, Daily devo.
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