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In the Morning

Dear Precious Friends,
It's TGIF Friday ( Thank God I'm Forgiven Friday)...

I love this well known song "In the morning, when I rise, Give me Jesus"...

Its so amazing how distracted we can get even with our quiet time... when the most important person, our most important relationship is Jesus... we only know Him by spending time with Him, being in His word, Praying, Trusting and walking in fellowship with Him.

Why is it that often times, He gets the least of us?
Before the day takes me captive, I need to be captivated by His beauty and goodness. Before long, my life will be flooded with tasks that need to be completed and work that needs to be done. Most importantly is to love those God has put in my life and love them well. I need to see the Man hanging from the cross and rising from the grave. I need to see true beauty and love. The sacrifice that’s been poured out on my behalf needs to be put before my eyes before anything else if I’m to truly love those around me.

I need Him to meet me. I need to feel His nail-pierced hands cupping my face, reminding me that I am His. Before the day starts making demands, I need to be reminded that, no matter what the day has to throw my way, Jesus is there. He has given His life for me and He won’t abandon me in the busy, mundane Thursdays. Whatever the day has to throw my way, He will work it on my behalf for His glory and my sanctification.

Help me to seek Your face. Remind me today that my identity is in you alone. The likes, the comments, the opinions, they don’t matter. The only thing that matters is my faith working itself out through love.

As my day begins, show me the finish line. Captivate me with Your love. Let me look into Your eyes and remember that You alone are the author and perfecter of my faith. My works, they are a gift I lay at your feet, not the final product. Please keep me from the idol of busyness and let me sit at Your feet in adoration.

Friend, I would love to offer you a clever trick to focus your mornings around God. While keeping your phone in another room and your Bible next to your bed might help for a little while, nothing will replace a heart that is captivated by God’s grace.

Ask God to take your stubborn, forgetful heart and replace it with a heart that seeks Him above all else. Look to the cross and let yourself be captivated by the love poured out for you on Calvary. Train your body and mind to focus around the person of Jesus. Let the Holy Spirit fill you and guide your days.

My day is not my own, it is the Lord’s. When I open my eyes, I can either surrender to His plan for my day or give in to the tug of the world. But I know one thing, if I am going to combat the pain and heartache in the world around me, if I am going to live a life filled with purpose, if I want to find true peace, then in the morning, when I rise, I need Jesus.
During this season of Lent let us commit more than ever to rising early and let nothing get in our way of the most important relationship we have.

Now can I have an Amen!!

Please listen to this song during your time with the Lord. It will bless you greatly.

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