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Good Morning Precious Friends,
What a beautiful reminder of truth, God knows what we need before we ask. He will always work things for our best interest. We can’t possibly see it at the time, esp. when He answers in a way we aren’t happy about At that moment. When we look back, we can see His faithfulness in our lives.
Over and over in the Bible we see example after example of this.
If God has you in a humanly impossible situation, it is to bring you to the end of your own strength so that you will trust in His ability to do the humanly impossible. You may not ever see the answer in your lifetime. But you can trust in Him and give glory to Him, knowing that His Word of promise will stand, and that He has not forgotten His promise to you. In Genesis 18:10, the Lord says to Abraham and Sarah, “I will surely return to you ....” God’s Word to us is always surely, even when circumstances shout, “No way!” Remember God’s question, “Is anything too difficult for Me?” and trust Him to do what is humanly impossible. May He bless us all as we wait on Him!
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