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Hanging On By A Thread

Dear Insiders,
As we begin our week let's be mindful of those in our lives who are hanging on by a thread and may not be aware of the truth of Jesus. This may be you right now.. .hanging on by a thread... however, when we hand our troubles to Jesus, we have assurance He will see us through, He will carry us, He will make a way and He is faithful.

Perhaps you're there now... hanging by a thread. You may be experiencing a broken relationship. Maybe you need to be saved from some addiction or financial trouble. Whatever the case, you feel alone, scared and weak. Your situation is hard, wrenching and painful. You're losing your grip on faith.

Often times when we walk through the darkest of times, we can lose our grip on our spiritual foundation. In our deep despair, all we have is a thread of hope to hang on to. What is that hope? It is the promise of God found in Psalm 34:19, "The righteous person may have many troubles, but the LORD delivers him from them all."
I love the reminder in God's
of Rahab, a prostitute ... Rahab owned an inn near the city gate of Jericho, the city soon to be conquered by the Israelites.

Rahab had heard about God's greatness and had come to believe He was the one true God. So she hid the two Israeli spies that Joshua, the commander of the Israelite army, had sent on a scouting mission into Jericho.

The king of Jericho heard that the spies had been at Rahab's home, so he sent orders for her to turn them over. When the king's soldiers questioned her of the whereabouts of the spies, Rahab misguided the soldiers and sent them on a wild goose chase after the spies whom she had actually hidden on her roof.

Once the soldiers were gone, Rahab asked the spies to save her and her household. She promised to keep silent about their mission if they would spare her family when the Israelites invaded the city of Jericho. The spies told her to hang a scarlet cord from her window as a sign to the Jews to protect her.

Rahab obeyed and when the walls of Jericho fell, Rahab's life, and all those in her household, hung by the thread of hope that the spies would keep their word.

They did, and she and her family were spared from the destruction when the walls of Jericho crumbled. Her household was passed over. Protected. Delivered.

Like Rahab, the only thing we sometimes have when walking through the darkest valleys is a thin thread of hope. It will prove to be enough when we hang onto Jesus. . When all was said and done, we have the love of God, the hope He offers and the peace He gives.

Each of us needs a thread of hope-a reminder that just as Joshua saved Rahab, God can save each of us. He may or may not change our circumstances, but He can protect us from being taken under the falling rubble that surrounds us.

He is there when we're hanging on by a thread. Even at our weakest point, a simple cry such as, "Lord, help me" invites the hand of God to take hold of our situation. And deliver us.

Dear Lord, thank You that Your salvation is far reaching. It not only takes away my sin and provides eternal life, but also it helps me for today. Help me, Lord, as I throw to You a thin thread of hope.

In Jesus' Name, Amen.


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