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Good Shepherd

Dear Precious Friends,
As we embrace the gift of a new day and the beautiful gift it is, I pray we are all seeking the Lord and finding Him through spending time with Him praying, listening, being still and especially through His word. I am in awe of how powerful praying scripture is.
I love this incredible way of prayer. We can take a scripture and pray the verse over our circumstance and experience the power of the praying God's word in our lives. It is amazing and incredible. For instance in Psalm 23:1
"The Lord is my shepherd I shall not want." We meditate on how He is our Good Shepherd, just stay there and think of how He is always there for us and remember He is our shepherd and knows every detail about us... He loves us so much He saves every tear in a bottle & engraved our name on the palm of His hand. He laid down His life for us... He loves us that much and is always here for us no matter what we are walking through. When we know Him we have everything and need not want. "Lord Jesus you are the desire of my heart always.... Thank you for loving me so much".
When we are looking for guidance and direction in our life, we can pray scripture over our lives. I love Psalm 23 and pray this over difficult circumstances in a powerful way. If we are in the midst of a difficult situation and need an extra measure of wisdom from God’s Word or just need to hear from Him regarding big decisions, it is amazing how we can Seek the Lord for direction by praying for guidance and strength using His word as our guide. Here is one example using Psalm 23 as our guide. Since we know that the Lord is our Good Shepherd, we can trust him to lead and direct our lives.
I love this prayer and wanted to share this today as an example of how to pray scripture over our circumstances.
May you embrace the power of praying scripture over your circumstances.
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