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God's Masterpiece

Dear Precious Friends,
How amazing is this reminder? In the midst of a pandemic, election year, Hurricanes, Fires, protests, we must never forget the gift God has given us through Jesus! We have to stay focused on why we are here!
We are God’s masterpiece; God’s workmanship; God’s handiwork; God’s creatures – we are God’s new creation in Christ Jesus. We were born spiritually dead in our sins.
But being so rich in mercy, He gave us life in Christ. We have newness in life through something only God can do. He considers us His masterpiece.
We must never forget that it is only by God's grace that we have been saved. It is only by God's grace that we have salvation and we access that salvation - through faith. For by grace we are saved, through faith, and not of ourselves lest we boast for salvation is a gift of God’s grace.
But we have not been raised to newness of life for no purpose - we are made God’s masterpiece in Christ Jesus in order that we may be able to perform the good acts and good works, which God prepared for us to do, before we were even born.
Actions and works can only be carried out through our new abundant life in Christ, which is to be governed and guided by the Holy Spirit working in and through us, so that the works that I do are not of me (my old self ) but my new nature in Him.
How wonderful that we truly are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand so that we would walk in them.
My Prayer today is that we stay focused on the Jesus, and let the Holy Spirit lead us to those things He has called for us to do! Our opportunity has never been greater. The world needs each of us to do our part of the assignment God has given us!
Choose to look up this morning, before you take another step. Turn on Pandora Hillsong channel and take in His word through this amazing worship music. Read His word, pray to the God who created you... Remind your soul that you’re strong in Him. Encourage your heart that Jesus carries your burdens and He carries you. He'll take our burdens and heaviness, all we have to do is lay everything at His feet. Each day we’re faced with countless opportunities to choose faith or fear, determination or despair. Choose life because Jesus is ALIVE in us..
Have a blessed day!
Now can I have an AMEN!!!!
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