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God Loves His Children

Dear Precious Friends,
On this beautiful new day, this gift, I pray we can remember no matter what we are walking through, the Lord is with us. His promises are our truth. If you are walking through deep waters, claim His promises. No matter what season we are in, we must remember He will never leave us or forsake us. His word fills us with Him! God cares about what we care about. We know this is true when we read about how God gave us his most precious Son. Nothing can ever compare with that, so how can we think our requests will not be acknowledged?
And yet, we sometimes hear the whispers of the enemy of our soul, who tries telling us that God is finished, tired of listening to our prayers. This is a lie. A bald-faced lie. A desperate measure Satan will use to try and get us to stop talking to God. Satan knows the power that is available when any child of God is on his or her knees.
We are living in a crazy world. People are scared, not knowing what will happen to their families and friends. But God is still sovereign. While he is up above, he is forever watching us here on earth. As Psalm 16 tells us – he is also at our right hand. He is with us and also before us in all things.
God loves his children. So much that he provided a way for us to someday live with him forever. God will never tire of hearing our prayers. He tells us we can come boldly to his throne of grace and obtain mercy when we need it.
“I know the LORD is always with me. I will not be shaken, for he is right beside me.” (Psalm 16:8)
I will not be shaken... WOW...
When we do this, the stress and overwhelm seemed to dissipate. Our eyes will brighten as we wipe tears from our face and we will walk in the knowledge that God is right beside us, and His presence makes us unshakable.
I pray you have an unshakable, amazing day in the Lord standing strong knowing how loved you are.
Father, You have been so gracious to us. In every season of our life, You have been right beside us, holding us firmly in Your arms, even if we didn’t know it. May we experience Your peace as we walk through hard times, constantly recounting the many ways You have been with us. Let us stand firm in your truth today and every day. We know we are unshakable because you hold us up. You are the reason we are standing firm. When we are weak we are strong... Father hold us in your strength. May we walk so strong in you that others want what we have... You!
In Jesus’ Name, Amen.
May be an image of text that says 'Let's declare this together: God is near. God sees my hurt. God cares about my heart.'
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